An introduction to Roulette

With the advent of the internet, every conceivable casino game can be played from a home or laptop computer.  From easy to Roulette wheeltransfer games like video poker, keno and recently slot games, (more and more of which are computer generated in the casinos themselves) to the traditional table games like blackjack, craps and roulette. Online casinos are a $30 billion a year industry with over 2600 gaming sites world-wide.  


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The mechanics of online table games work similarly to that of a casino: open an account, choose a game and play.  Some casinos even used live web-cam dealers. Unlike traditional casinos, gaming sites use software that not only handles the graphics and mechanics of the games but uses statistical formulas to ensure the fairness of outcomes.  The most commonly used software systems are Microgaming, PlayTech, and CryptoLogic.

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Online roulette games vary with most sites offering both the American “0” and “00” wheels and the European single “0” wheel.  The betting layout is exactly the same as one would see in a traditional casino and all the traditional roulette bets are allowed up to the table maximum. 

American vs European RouletteAmerican vs European Roulette







Also, through an onscreen message or voice over, the “no more bets” rule prevents players from placing more chips as the ball slows.  No more betsDepending on the sophistication of the site, the croupier can be an animated figure, a single hand spinning the ball, or just the ball being put in play when the player hits the “spin” button.

The vast majority of internet gaming sites are based in Europe, Asia, or the Caribbean since there is a movement afoot in the United States Congress to ban internet wagering.  As of now, some states allow it and some don’t. But more and more online casinos are going to be legale casinos.

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As with any potential investment, it is strongly advised to do homework and check out a gaming site before opening an account.  Some have been caught not paying off legitimate winnings or running outright rigged games.  There are more than enough reviews on gaming sites available that show those that operate honestly and treat players well including rewards for joining. Specialy for Dutch Roulette players we would advice you to go to Roulette spelen.

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